He retired from the US Army, and currently works as a government contractor. 

 An  awesome Dad & Papa who really goes above and beyond for all of us!!  

When he is not enjoying his family he LOVES to golf.  If the weather is nice outside chances are he is on the course!!



She has a degree in accounting and spent most of her career working for the DOD. 

Most important role in her life is being a mom!! Her favorite times are those spent with her family and close friends. 

Loves to talk, encourage others, and totally check out our  BLOG!!! 



She is a happy and energetic 8 year old.

Loves to hang with her friends. 

Has papa wrapped around her little finger.

Her hobbies include Soccer, Irish Dancing, and making videos.  You can catch her on our FB page and Youtube!!  

Hey there we are the Boohers!  We  live in Evans, Georgia.   Danny and I were introduced by a mutual friend.  He was a single dad, and I fell in love with him and his kids instantly!!  Together we raised his children and while I always wanted a child of my own it did not seem to be in the cards.  

I gave up actively pursuing treatment and decided that what was meant to be would be. We were empty nesters adjusting to that life when our  world was turned upside down…in the most wonderful way possible! Madison, who was a couple months old, came into our lives!!!!

 It is not always easy being the oldest parents.  For starters there is quite an age gap between us and the other parents.  LIKE...HUGE!!!!! 

We get buy with a little humor, a lot of love, strong coffee, and Young Living Essential Oils!!!  Madison is now seven, and our lives are truly blessed!!  We would not have it ANY OTHER WAY!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Piper and Mia

Here are our adorable morkies, Piper and Mia!!  They bring our family so much joy, we would never do anything to put their health and well being at risk!!  That is another reason we ONLY use Young Living Oils in our home!  They even have an entire line just for pets!!  Click our instagram below to see some adorable photos, and learn how you can SAFELY use essential oils in your home! 

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